Our projects

Dallas Independent School District's " Scratch Sparks: Learn to Code at the Libraries" Instructor: Vanshika Prasad

2023 weekend workshops and classes on the fundamentals of coding using Scratch, a visual programming language developed specifically for low-income and underrepresented young home-schooled, elementary and middle school learners, at various libraries in Dallas. .

Audelia Road Branch Library
Audelia Road Branch Library
MSM Academy Project

Extending support and enrichment to the remotest and poorest children of migrant laborers and truck drivers and giving them access to educational content and supplies in partnership with local charities and volunteers.

Texas Food Banks/ Pantries Initiative

Food and fund drive to gather non-perishable food items and distribute them to local food banks for individuals and families facing food security. The goal is to raise awareness, combat hunger, foster community involvement, engage in charitable giving, and support local food banks in their efforts to provide food assistance to those in need.