”Mighty Little Us" has always risen in support of community activities relating to less privileged children. Its mission to stay focused on helping these children and to give where it is needed the most is commendable.

- Rajeev Kulkarni

A generous gift from Mighty LIttle Us has tremendously helped innocent and neglected animals. She has greatly inspired other youth volunteers through her effective fundraising activities. None of this critical work at this Animal Shelter in Murphy, TX would be possible without compassionate people like you. Thank you for your support.

- Kayleen Nagell

”The free online classes that Vanshika has offered to our 300+ students from extremely poor families in this rural town at the MSM Academy, Jharkhand, India has been very successful and deserves high praise. Thank you Mighty Little Us.

- Rajnish Sharma

”Vanshika and her team have done great work in the community to empower young people to get involved and make change in their communities.

- Daphne Tolbert